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Friday, 28 May 2010

Southwold in May

Ahh the trouble with camping in the UK is you never quite know whether you need your sou'wester or your factor 50 (usually the former...).  

The famous beach huts, sorry the pics are a bit blue, while doing my OU digital photography course assignment I fiddled about with the cameras ISO settings, I changed something and managed to make everything very blue.  I'm yet to discover the remedy, the joys of learning!

I love seeing people's creative endeavours on the beach.  I think this sandcastle is particularly architectural but also has a slightly wonky charm.  If you really peer into the distance you can just about see Southwold Pier.
Southwold light house with a blue tint...

More beach huts...
This is one of my favourite pictures, we got up at 5.30am to go and take pictures of the beach huts.  Because the sun rises from the East it only lights them from the front in the morning...  The campsite and surrounding fields were shrouded in mist and I managed to capture this bejewelled spiders web in the reeds.  I was very proud!
And of course a trip to the seaside wouldn't be complete without a picture of the sea.
This is my favourite picture, check out the cheeky seaguls at Southwold Harbour.  They had settled beside the very qaint and tasty fish and chip shop housed in one of the musty old sheds.  As guls go they were small, quite pretty and not too cheeky, no stealing out of people's hands, they'd wait until people shared their leftovers.

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