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Saturday 2 April 2016

By Hand London Victoria Blazer

I first decided I wanted to make the By Hand London Victoria Blazer when I saw this version by Oona Balloona, amazing!  I was fortunate to get a paper copy of the pattern before they sold out.

I made a toile because I'm tall and I wanted to make a waist length version.  I added 5cm's and was pretty happy with it.  The pattern is really easy to follow and a joy to make.  It was really quick too, I knocked up the toile in a day, I took my time over the final jacket, I think I spent a couple of days on it.  I did lots of seam finishing, I hand sewed the arm holes and tacked down the collar which took some time.  I think it really shows in the final piece though.

I used a lovely Bluebird Denim linen that I got from Merchant and Mills.  I bought a metre and a half for another project and didn't end up using it, so I was really pleased when I discovered I had just enough to make the jacket.  My cotton mix lining is from Barry's Birmingham.

I really can't stress how lovely it is to work with a good pattern and the By Hand girls know what they're doing.  I made an error with the finishing at the bottom of the collar, I sewed it into the lining, oops.  But I don't mind, I quite like the flattened collar :).

I really love this jacket.  I'm going to make a By Hand Anna top/Charlotte skirt dress to go with it for important work stuff.  I saw a really nice version on the By Hand Instagram feed, so I know it can work well.  I have already got the toile bits cut out, I just need to find the time to put them together :).

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