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Monday, 14 March 2011

Inspiration: print making, Angie Lewin

I really love Angie Lewin's prints.

She has inspired me to get out taking photos of seed heads before the new spring growth. I’ve had a play about drawing my own graphic style seed heads, and have done some watercolour paintings of my own. It made me realise that although her work looks simple with a limited colour palate, its incredibly detailed and precise, from the stones and leaves in the background to the balance of colours and graphic elements.

I had a go at three mock up paintings over the weekend, I was pleased with the simplified seed heads but my colour tones were way out. I had far too many colours and colour clashes. Ahh well something to play about with next weekend!  Eventually I'll post any that come out well.

See here for details of Angie's book.

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